Offensive Domain Name Policy

This Offensive Domain Name Policy sets forth the general guidelines Company will use to determine whether to reject a potential domain name listing because of its offensive nature.  This supplements the General Terms of Service and the DLP Policies set forth in Schedule B. Company reserves the right to deny listing of any domain that violates this Offensive Domain Name Policy or for any other reason.

Offensive Material

Offensive Material means that which, in Company’s sole determination, promotes or praises hatred, violence, child pornography, bestiality, racial or religious intolerance or other similar impermissible content.  Once discovered by or reported to Company, domain names containing any offensive materials may not be listed and may be removed without warning or notice to anyone, including any Member in whose account the domain name is intended to be or is already listed.  Repeated attempts to list domain names containing offensive material may result in suspension or cancelation of the Member’s account, without warning or notice to the user, and without liability on the part of Company. Nor does Company wish to list or otherwise provide Services for any domain name that, in Company’s sole discretion, promotes or tends to promote organizations that endorse and/or encourage hatred, violence, child pornography, bestiality, racial or religious intolerance. This includes, but is not limited to, domains promoting organizations such as the KKK, Nazis, neo-Nazis, the Aryan nation or other similar organizations.

Reporting Domains that Violate the Offensive Domain Policy

Company provides Services for thousands of domain names and users all over the world.  It is impossible for Company to monitor and verify every single domain name and Company disavows any obligation to do so. For this reason, Company encourages you to report to Company any domain name you believe has been listed in violation of our Offensive Domain Name Policy.  Inquiries should be sent to the “Contact Us” link on our Support Page.  Please include the domain name and the date, time and location where you noticed the domain.
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