Bodis Is Hiring

As an experienced, innovative, and most importantly, growing domain parking company, we are always looking for new talent to become part of our amazing team. If you fit any of the positions below, please don't hesitate and send your resume or inquiry to


PHP Programmer
You have deep knowledge of PHP, MySQL and love to work in a custom environment, coordinating with UI designers on realizing new project ideas.
Key Responsibilities
  • Plan and build web applications
  • Coordinate with UI developers to realize new projects
  • Deep knowledge of PHP 5 and MySQL
  • Excellent skills in object-oriented programming and design patterns
  • Knowledge of version control systems, preferably git
  • Comfortable working with SSH command line
  • Solid knowledge of RESTful API endpoints
Network & System Administrator
You will maintain and upgrade our company's infrastructure and network. As a Internet company, we require our network to be set up with a high- performance and highly scalable configuration, capable of handling a variety of DDOS attacks as well as natural spikes of traffic. You will analyze and evaluate our network, and subsequently design, install, and maintain our network and all the devices and software we deployed. The ideal candidate will maximize the performance of our network by configuring routers, threat detection systems, firewalls, and servers. The candidate will analyze and evaluate our network and find potential threats and performance loopholes, as well as stress-test our network in a variety of scenarios. You will help troubleshoot problems and upgrade or optimize our software and hardware.
Key Responsibilities
  • Data center management: set up, upgrade, alert, and monitor systems and network
  • Plan, set up, and operate servers, firewalls, routers (CISCO), switches, and other hardware equipment
  • Set up redundant connections to Internet Service Providers
  • Set up firewalls in an active-active state for redundancy purposes, and configure or fine tune firewalls to match our network requirements
  • Set up DDOS protection, GRE tunnels, and DDOS mitigation hardware and software
  • Work with IPS controllers, including the installation of operating systems (Linux), and subsequent configuration
  • Travel as needed to perform on-site work in our data center
  • Knowledge of Windows Server and Linux
  • Excellent skills in migrating to, configuring and monitoring cloud networks.
  • Knowledge of DDOS protection setups, GRE tunnels, and related technology
  • Deep knowledge of CISCO routers, firewalls and switches
  • Detail-oriented and responsive
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