About Bodis

Bodis was founded in 2007 and today consists of a team of creative minds working around the clock to make Bodis the best domain parking platform. Our platform is designed to help domainers monetize their undeveloped domain names. Bodis offers a variety of features that will simply create better results for domainers.

The Bodis Team

Matt Wegrzyn LinkedIn Profile
Matt founded Bodis in 2007 in an effort to create a simpler way to monetize his own domain portfolio and help out like-minded domainers. Matt believes in dedication, but most importantly in creating products that are beneficial to the users just as much as they are to him.
Sebastian R. Schneider LinkedIn Profile
Sebastian is the man behind the technology of Bodis and became a partner in 2014. Everything you see in Bodis is a product of his development. He has experience in deploying wooden horses in Africa and overcoming communication barriers with Martians.
James Tuplin LinkedIn Profile
James joined Bodis in September 2015. He brings with him over a decade of domain experience, 7 years of which were spent as the Director of Operations UK for NameDrive and as Senior Account Manager at DomainSponsor. As the Director of Business Development for Bodis James manages some of the largest domain portfolios worldwide. The secret to his success? Transparency and honesty.
Troy Marks LinkedIn Profile
Troy is our support specialist and helps our users with any questions or concerns they have regarding Bodis and the domaining industry. He has been a domainer for over a decade and proves to be a gem to the Bodis team, skillfully conveying his knowledge to our users requests.
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