Committed to parking.

We are a domain parking platform designed to help domainers monetize their undeveloped domain names.

Our Features

NET 7 Payments

We pay our users within 7 days after the end of each month.

Fast Support

We commit to respond to all tickets within 24 hours.

Advanced Reporting

High-end technology to generate just the right report at the right time.

Sale Options

Set your parked domains for sale and integrate with, use our inquiry form, or redirect to a custom URL.


Manage your account using our simple and easy to implement JSON and XML API.

Instant Sign-Up

Quick and easy sign-up process. No minimum requirements or application process.
More Features

Intuitive User Interface

We take pride in offering a cross-platform, fully responsive UI experience to all our users.

Auto-Optimized Templates

Fully optimized desktop, mobile and tablet templates.


Use custom folders to organize, manage and view reports on your domain portfolios.

Search & Filter Options

Manage your domains and create reports by TLDs, folders, countries, referrers, and more.


Our Tier2 ad providers, utilized when our Tier1 ad provider is unable to serve a request.

Free Tools

Check the adult and faillisted status of your domains as assigned by our Tier1 ad provider.
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