Committed to parking.

We are a domain parking platform designed to help domainers monetize their undeveloped domain names.

Our Features

NET 7 Payments

We pay our users within 7 days after the end of each month.

Fast Support

We commit to respond to all tickets within 24 hours.

Advanced Reporting

High-end technology to generate just the right report at the right time.

Sale Options

Set your parked domains for sale and integrate with, use our inquiry form, or redirect to a custom URL.


Manage your account using our simple and easy to implement JSON and XML API.

Instant Sign-Up

Quick and easy sign-up process. No minimum requirements or application process.
More Features

Intuitive User Interface

We take pride in offering a cross-platform, fully responsive UI experience to all our users.

No Minimum Payment Threshold

If your account is set up to receive payment via PayPal, there will be no minimum payment threshold.

Auto-Optimized Templates

Fully optimized desktop, mobile and tablet templates.


Use custom folders to organize, manage and view reports on your domain portfolios.

Search & Filter Options

Manage your domains and create reports by TLDs, folders, countries, referrers, and more.


Our Tier2 ad providers, utilized when our Tier1 ad provider is unable to serve a request.

Free Tools

Check the adult and faillisted status of your domains as assigned by our Tier1 ad provider.
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